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The best swimwear trends for 2024 will spark your excitement for summer, encouraging you to try something new. Expect fresh looks in classic women’s beach attire such as one-pieces, triangle bikinis, and stylish cover-ups. New swimsuit labels are introducing innovative pieces, think sculpted monokinis and crochet tops, to the scene. Celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo are setting the fashion pace, highlighting cherry-red as the it-color. There’s also a rise in plus-size offerings and swimwear for periods, making sure you’re ready for any water adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the latest women’s beachwear trends, from classic bikinis to elevated silhouettes
  • Explore trendy one-piece swimsuits and adorable cover-ups for versatile summer style
  • Embrace bold colors like cherry-red for a confident and eye-catching look
  • Enjoy inclusive options, including plus-size high-waisted bikini sets and period-friendly swimwear
  • Get inspired by celebrity style icons to curate your perfect beachwear wardrobe

Unleashing Summer Vibes: Trendy Beachwear to Embrace

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beach. This year, choose from trendy beachwear like triangle bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. You’ll find something stylish and perfect for any summer day.

Triangle Bikinis: Classic and Chic

The triangle bikini is a must-have for the beach. It flatters many body types. You can go for a bold look with the Olive Palmetto Balminess Top or choose something more subtle. Its charm is just right for sunny summer days.

One-Piece Swimsuits: Effortless Elegance

The one-piece swimsuit offers elegance. Pick the Olive Palmetto Brittany One Piece for a minimalistic design or the Deep Periwinkle Liberties Top for something more detailed. These swimsuits bring a classy note that’s great for any beach or boardwalk.

Adorable Cover-Ups: Versatile and Fashionable

In the summertime, don’t forget cover-ups. They can make your beach outfit stand out. Choose from crochet pieces or flowy dresses. They make it easy to go from the beach to the street in style.

Pink Fiore Alana Sliding Triangle Bikini Top$81 USD
Pink Fiore Splendour Regular Rise Thin Side Bikini Bottom$79 USD
Olive Palmetto Balminess Fixed Triangle Bikini Top$102 USD
Olive Palmetto Brittany Classic One Piece$174 USD
Deep Periwinkle Liberties Classic Bralette Bikini Top$79 USD
Deep Periwinkle Flirt Low Rise Thin Side Bikini Bottom$66 USD

Elevated Silhouettes: Pushing the Boundaries

Swimwear brands are getting creative. They are making suits that look more shaped and polished.

Cut-Out Sculpted Monokinis

These monokinis stand out with their cool designs. They aim to make you look great.

Crochet Bandeau Tops

They bring a soft, boho style to the beach.

High-Cut Tankinis

These tankinis are modern and bold. They break the mold of old-fashioned swimsuits. Now, women can show who they are with unique styles.

The new swimwear line is all about rethinking swimsuit shapes. With sculpted monokinis, crochet tops, and high-cut tankinis, brands are drawing new lines in style. This change brings a more elegant and trendy feel. It’s perfect for women looking for something special for their summer fun.

Celebrity Inspiration: Channeling Beachy Glamour

Celebrities inspire us with their celebrity beachwear and celebrity swimwear. They show us how to look glamorous at the beach. Take Olivia Rodrigo, for example. She’s known for her trendsetting style. Other icons influence fashion as well. Their looks help women capture that perfect beachy glamour.

You can learn a lot by watching how stars wear their swimsuits. Their choice of accessories and cover-ups is crucial. It can teach you how to create your ideal beach outfit.

CelebrityBeachwear Inspiration
Shilpa ShettyKaftans, oversized sunglasses
Hina KhanCoordinated beachwear sets
Alia BhattEffortless shirt dresses
Sonam KapoorStylish sun hats
Anushka SharmaTrendy oversized sunglasses
Disha PataniBohemian jewelry
Aishwarya Rai BachchanNatural, sun-kissed makeup
Shraddha KapoorLightweight, glowing makeup
Shilpa ShettyComfortable, stylish footwear
Kangana RanautChic, beachy footwear
Jacqueline FernandezCasual yet chic beach hairstyles
Sara Ali KhanEffortless beach hairstyles

Looking at how celebrities mix celebrity beachwear with their looks gives women fresh ideas. You can create your own beachy glamour style this way.

Hues of the Season: Embracing Bold Colors

The swimwear industry is now all about bold and vibrant colors. Cherry-red is at the forefront, spreading joy and confidence. By wearing this vibrant shade, you’ll surely attract attention and feel great this summer.

Cherry-Red Swimwear

From single-colored one-pieces to mix-and-match bikini sets, cherry-red stands out. It looks great on anyone, adding a bold statement to your beach look. Its rich color catches eyes, making you the star of any pool party.

Join the trend and wear cherry-red swimwear to celebrate the bold swimwear colors of the season. This seasonal swimwear trend not only looks amazing but also boosts your confidence. To complete your look, add stylish accessories and cover-ups. Together, they make a stunning statement on the beach.

Plus-Size Perfection: Stylish and Inclusive

Today, women from every background are finding trendy swimwear that fits. Brands like Reformation and Eloquii are making fashionable plus-size options available. The team at Forbes Vetted regularly shares insights, like the best bras for plus-size wearers, to make shopping easier.

Matching High-Waisted Bikini Sets

High-waisted bikinis are perfect for feeling great at the beach or pool. They slim the waist and cover well, so women feel beautiful and confident. These sets come in many colors and sizes, meaning anyone can find their favorite.

Full-Coverage Bodysuits

Some prefer more coverage and elegance, and that’s where bodysuits shine. They give great support and cover, designed with plus-size women in mind. The focus is on perfect fit and high-quality materials, ensuring confident and comfortable wear anytime.

Period-Friendly Swimwear: No More Cancelled Plans

The idea of period-friendly swimwear has changed the game. Now, women can hit the beach or pool worry-free, even during their period. These special swimsuits have hidden features for comfort and safety. They make sure women feel good doing summer activities, no matter their beach plans.

Big brands like Knix, Savvi Wear, Ruby Love, and KT by Knix are at the forefront. They’ve made period-friendly swimwear that can absorb a lot, like 3 to 4 tampons. For those who need less, Modibodi and Knix make suits that can hold 1-2 tampons, great for those lighter days.

But it’s not just about function. These swimsuits come in all kinds of looks, colors, and sizes. From trendy leakproof bikinis to elegant one-pieces, there’s something for everyone. Women can now find the ideal period-friendly swimwear to make their time at the beach perfect.

The rise of period-friendly swimwear has changed everything for the better. Now, women won’t miss out on beach plans due to their period. With the right swimsuit, they can boldly soak up the sun, waves, and sand, at any time.

Types of women’s beachwear

Beachwear for women includes classics like bikinis and one-piece suits. You’ll also find cover-ups and rash guards for sun protection. Plus, there are swim dresses, tankinis, sarongs, board shorts, and beach hats. There’s something for every woman to make her feel great on the beach.


Bikinis are always in style, with many options. Scoop tops and triangle tops offer different looks. Balconette tops provide extra lift, while cheeky bottoms enhance curves.

One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece suits bring simple style or bold looks. Bandeau tops are great for smaller chests, and lace-up suits are alluring. Cutout suits reveal skin in striking ways.


Cover-ups go from beach to street easily. Choose from sarongs to flowy dresses. They add style and cover-up as needed.

Rash Guards

Rash guards protect from the sun and are great for sports. They come as long or short sleeves and are both practical and stylish.

Swim Dresses

Swimdresses provide more coverage and are great for curves. They look sleek and allow for easy movement in the water.


Tankinis are a nice change from one-pieces. They cover the tummy well. Blouson tops are loose and flattering for all body types.


Sarongs are versatile and light, offering many styling options. They work as skirts, dresses, or stylish accessories.

Board Shorts

Board shorts are perfect for water sports or beach lounging. They’re comfy and offer good coverage.

Beach Hats

Beach hats protect from the sun and look stylish. They range from wide-brim to bucket styles, complementing any beach look.

Sustainable Swimwear: Eco-Friendly Options

The need for sustainable swimwear is growing. People are more aware of how their fashion affects the planet. Now, there are more eco-friendly swimwear choices. These use recycled materials and ethically sourced fabrics.

Recycled Materials

Sustainable swimwear is made from things like plastic bottles and old fishing nets. Companies like Carve Designs, Wolven, and Girlfriend Collective are at the forefront. They use ECONYL®, a nylon made from 100% recycled materials. This approach lessens waste and cleans our water sources.

Ethically Sourced Fabrics

Not only do they use recycled materials, but sustainable swimwear brands also make sure their fabrics are sourced ethically. Patagonia and Vitamin A use fair trade and water-friendly methods. Brands like TomboyX and Londre select fabrics without harmful chemicals. They have OEKO-TEX certifications.

Choosing eco-friendly swimwear lets people enjoy summer in style. It also supports the environment and a better fashion industry. Doing so helps women feel good while being kind to the planet.

Beach Style Icons: Inspiration and Influence

beach style icons

Throughout history, beach style icons have really changed how we see beachwear and celebrity beachwear style. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn brought classic Hollywood charm. Today, stars like Beyoncé are known for their cool beach looks. They’ve all played a big part in what we think is cool at the beach.

Movies with stars like Brigitte Bardot and Ursula Andress made bikinis popular. Because of them, by 1965, more than half of the younger crowd wore bikinis. This shows how quickly they became a hit in the 1960s.

But, it’s not just about looks. Annette Kellerman introduced one-piece swimsuits in the early 1900s. This led to the kind of swimwear we see in competitions. In the 2000s, Anne Cole made tankinis. These gave people who wanted more coverage an option.

Looking at how these beach style icons wear accessories and cover-ups can help us dress better for the beach. The beach fashion of the early 20th century was trendy, thanks to European designers. Now, we get a lot of our beach style ideas from famous people. The history of celebrity beachwear style keeps us interested and excited about what to wear to the beach.

Mix and Match: Creating Your Perfect Beachwear Wardrobe

Creating the ideal beachwear wardrobe means mixing and matching to make personalized styles. Match your swimsuit tops and bottoms, either in one color or with prints, for a chic look. Adding accessories like cover-ups and hats takes your beachwear from shore to street.

Coordinating Tops and Bottoms

To make your beachwear stand out, mix different swimsuit tops and bottoms. Play with colors, patterns, or textures to create a unique style. You can pair solid-colored bikinis with printed cover-ups, or mix it up, for an eye-catching outfit.

Accessorizing for the Beach

To look your best at the beach, choose the right accessories. Pairing a sun hat and oversized sunglasses with your swimsuit adds flair. Plus, having a chic cover-up lets you go from beach to boardwalk easily. The right beachwear accessories complete your look, giving you the style you want.


Women’s beachwear has changed, offering many stylish choices. This change includes more color, size options, and eco-friendly materials. With the right mix and celebrity style inspiration, women can build the perfect beach wardrobe. This way, they can enjoy the fun of summer to the fullest.

The variety in the swimwear market now mirrors modern women’s many tastes. It started with the bikini and now covers inclusive and comfy styles. Factors like society, culture, and technology have all played a role. As the beachwear world keeps growing, we can expect more unique styles and empowering options.

Keeping up with trends and staying true to their style, women can make a beach style that’s all their own. This can boost their confidence and let them stand out. The coming days of women’s beachwear look bright. It’s a place where every woman can feel good and enjoy summer in her personal way.


What are the top swimwear trends for 2024?

The top trends for 2024 update favorite styles and add new flair. Expect to see trendy triangle bikinis, sleek one-piece suits, and stylish cover-ups. Also, look out for unique designs like sculpted monokinis and crochet tops.

How are celebrities influencing beachwear style?

Celebrities lead the way in beachwear style. Stars like Olivia Rodrigo show off chic but simple looks. Their outfits with swimwear and add-ons inspire new beach outfits.

What is the swimwear color of the season?

The swimwear color for this season is cherry-red. This bright shade brings fun and confidence to any beach look.

How has the swimwear market become more inclusive?

The swimwear market now welcomes all body types. You can find stylish options for plus-sized women, like high-waisted bikinis and full bodysuits.

What is the significance of period-friendly swimwear?

Period swimwear lets women relax at beaches or pools during their periods. These suits are designed to be comfortable and keep things private.

What are the different types of women’s beachwear?

There are many types of beachwear for women. From bikinis to one-pieces, cover-ups, and even board shorts. Each piece keeps you stylish and protected in the sun.

How can consumers find sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear options?

Many brands are now making swimwear that helps the planet. They use materials like recycled nylon and focus on being eco-friendly. This way, you can enjoy your swimwear guilt-free.

Who are some iconic beach style icons that have influenced women’s beachwear?

Beach style icons have been making waves for years. From classic Hollywood to today’s celebs like Beyoncé. By looking at their fashion, you can bring their flair to your beach wardrobe.

How can women create the perfect beachwear wardrobe?

The perfect beach wardrobe is about mixing and matching. Pair your favorite tops and bottoms to make new outfits. Don’t forget to add accessories like hats and jewelry for that final touch.

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