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Our Plus size swimwear collection fits the curvy shapes of women. All our swimsuits offer quality and elegance. They support fuller figures comfortably. They also boost your confidence. Our swimsuits use premium fabric for a soft hand feel. Plus, they use tummy control powermesh to flatter your shape. Our Nip Tuck Curve Swimsuits fit a range of cup sizes. They have adjustable straps and front tummy ruching. There’s a style for every curvy woman!

Key Takeaways

  • Our Plus size swimwear collection is specifically designed to fit the curvy shapes of a woman’s body.
  • All our plus size swimsuits are designed and styled with quality and elegance.
  • Our women’s swimwear is made with renowned luxurious soft hand feel fabric and ultimate tummy control powermesh.
  • Our Nip Tuck Curve Swimsuits are all easy fit timeless styles with adjustable straps and front tummy ruching.
  • There is a curvy fitting style for every woman!

Embracing Curves with Confidence

I’ve gained weight, especially in my chest and hips, due to health issues. It’s hard to find a swimsuit that makes me feel confident. However, once I found the right one, a Brandon Blackwood two-piece, I felt great.

It’s important to stop negative self-talk. We’re sharing swimsuits that serve and celebrate curvy bodies. With spring break and summer coming, it’s time to hit the beach. Remember to wear sunscreen.

But, thoughts of not being perfect enough can stress us out about wearing a swimsuit.

The Power of Feeling Beautiful

Now, there are many flattering swimsuits for curves out there. These confidence-boosting swimwear pieces empower women of all shapes. Whenever you need plus-size swimsuits or full-figure swimwear, many stylish options await.

Celebrating Curves Through Fashion

Feeling good in your women’s swimwear for curvy figure is life-changing. Choose sexy curvy swimsuits that make you feel confident and beautiful. This empowering swimwear for curves celebrates your unique shape. It’s about living life to the fullest.

Quality Swimwear for Curvy Women

Nip Tuck Swim is based in Australia and loves making women’s swimwear. They focus on timeless pieces that help shape a woman’s curves. The motto is ‘feel the difference a perfectly fitted swimsuit makes’. Their swimsuits are perfect for making great memories. Their designs are especially good for women who need a little extra support. You’ll find the same luxurious materials and shape-enhancing linings in their curve range. The plus size swimwear goes from US sizes 14W to 20W.

This Aussie brand highlights the tummy control and figure shaping in their swimwear. The swimsuits have adjustable straps and a front design that helps with the tummy. They also fit a range of cup sizes. For more comfort, they have tankini sets. These sets include a longline top for extra coverage and inner lining to make you look and feel trimmed. People say the prices are good and the swimwear fits well.

ProductOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount Percentage
Kianda Bikini Bottom$48$29~39%
Zenobia Zip-Up Paddle Suit$110$66~40%
Venus Bikini Bottom$48$29~40%
Elizabeth Zip-Up Surf Suit$100$60~40%
Cleopatra Surf Suit$84$50~40%
Aphrodite Bikini Top$48$29~40%
Delilah Bikini Top$48$29~40%
Fortuna Bikini Bottom$52$31~40%

The Perfect Fit for Every Body

Our one-piece curvy swimsuits help with tummy control. They shape your curves while giving you support. These styles are made for curvy women’s bodies.

One-Piece Suits for Tummy Control

Our one-piece curvy swimsuits offer top-notch tummy control. They sculpt your figure and ensure you look your best. These suits are perfect for curvy women, with a focus on support and fit.

Tankini Sets for Versatility

Our tankini sets stand out for their perfect fit. They are easy to put on and take off. The tankini top and high-waisted pants provide extra coverage. Our plus size tankini tops have special mesh that slims your figure.

Sun-Safe Rash Guards

Pair our beautiful swimwear with rash guards for sun protection. They come in matching prints with our swimwear. These guards protect you from the sun with their elbow-length sleeves and a full front zipper.

women’s swimwear for curvy

Andie Swim is loved by stars and fashion pros. Mindy Kaling did a collection with them last year. I really like their one-piece. It lifts and shapes me very well, boosting my confidence.

It has an open back and soft, adjustable straps. Plus, you can take out the cups if you want. I feel it’s just snug enough without feeling tight. You can get it in regular or longer torso length.

The suit comes in many fun colors like Cherry Red and Navy, besides the basic white. If you choose white, add a touch of ’90s chic with a big, soft shirt.

Finding Your Size and Fit

We urge you to look at our sizing chart and measure your body for the right swimwear fit. Are you unsure of your size? No worries. It’s easy to measure at home to find your correct Nip Tuck Swim swimsuit size. We offer a blog on measuring your body. If you need plus size swimsuits, click the size link: size us 14 / aust 18, size us 16 / aust 20, size us 18 / aust 22, or size us 20 / aust 24.

Size Guides and Body Measurements

To get the perfect fit in a swimwear, key six body measurements are needed: Bust, Underbust, Waist, Upper Hip, Lower Hip, and Torso or Body Length. Take these measurements twice for accuracy. Remember to check measurements every three to six months, as they might change. Find your bust cup size by subtracting under-bust from bust measurement. Have in mind that sizes can vary by designer. So, it’s important to use different sizing guides. Keeping your measurements up-to-date helps in finding swimsuits that fit well.

Customer Reviews and Sizing Feedback

Enjoy reading product reviews? Check out ours to see how our customers rave about the products. For a more personalized experience, we recommend talking to our style consultants. They give helpful advice on the perfect fit for your curves.

Trendy Prints and Colors

curvy swimwear

Looking for a great swimsuit for curvy figures? Try the Tempt Me Women double-layered suit. It goes up to size 22 plus and comes in 44 colors. Our testers loved its thickness, softness, and durability.

This suit also has the right amount of compression. It keeps everything in place, making you feel comfy. Testers praised its design for highlighting hourglass figures. Plus, it has ruching that masks areas you might not be confident about.

Bold and Vibrant Patterns

The Brinlee Contour from Adore Me is perfect for a one-piece lover. It offers many prints and colors. Its neck tie can be styled as a halter or a high-neck deep plunge.

The suit also has a center-front keyhole for a sexy touch. But, its one-piece form gives the tummy coverage many curvy women seek.

Classic and Timeless Hues

Some prefer classic colors in swimwear, and the Tempt Me suit nails it. It comes in shades like deep navy and rich cherry red. These colors look good on many skin tones.

This brand focuses on design, fabric quality, and size range. They aim to make all women feel confident and comfortable in swimsuits.

Flattering Design Details

If you’re worried about your stomach, try a high-waisted swimsuit bottom. It hides the stomach and has ruching to add style. The bottoms are also very soft and come in bright colors like orange.

Ruching for Tummy Control

Ruching is not just stylish, it’s smart too. It makes a slimming effect by adding detail. This is great for hiding the tummy and feeling more confident.

Supportive Underwires

Underwire swimsuits give great bust support. They lift and shape you, boosting your confidence. Plus, they’re comfy and stylish at the same time.

High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are perfect if you want extra cover and confidence. They sit above the waist and smooth the stomach. You can feel good and look amazing in them.

Body-Positive Brands

Ashley Afriyie, a former editor turned stylist, finds great women’s swimwear for curvy figures. She looks for pieces that provide coverage where needed without losing style. Furthermore, she emphasizes that the right color can make a big difference.

For beach outings, many might think black is boring. However, Afriyie points out that black suits anyone. This is why she considers it a top choice. She’s especially into Old Navy for their plus-size swimsuits. They offer good deals and a wide range of sizes.

Old Navy doesn’t only have great deals. They also offer stylish pieces that give the necessary support. Afriyie recommends a specific one-piece that comes in various prints. It features a plunging neckline and other flattering details, making it both sexy and supportive.


We’re showing off swimsuits that are perfect for curvy bodies. Our plus size swimwear fits women’s curvy shapes. These plus size swimsuits are elegant and offer great support. They’re all about comfort, control, and style.

Nip Tuck Swim is all the way from Australia. They love making women’s swimwear that’s both beautiful and supportive. Nip Tuck Swim has plus size swimwear, perfect for curvy bodies.

In our swimwear collection, you’ll find different styles like bikinis and tankinis. We also have rash guards. They’re all about flattering swimsuits for curves. Our goal is to offer body-positive swimwear. We want to boost your confidence. Our brand loves celebrating the beauty of women’s swimwear for curvy figures.


What makes Nip Tuck Swim’s plus-size swimwear different?

Nip Tuck Swim creates stylish women’s swimwear that supports curves well. They focus on tummy control and shaping. Their plus-size line is made to fit and flatter curvy shapes.

How do I find the right size swimsuit for my body?

They advise checking their size chart and measuring yourself. This helps find the perfect swimsuit for your body. Their blog also teaches how to measure correctly.

What features do Nip Tuck Swim’s plus-size swimsuits offer?

Their suits feature tummy control and shape your body beautifully. One-piece suits have great tummy control. Tankini sets provide more coverage and are practical.

What are the different swimsuit styles available in the plus-size range?

Nip Tuck Swim’s plus-size options include one-piece suits, tankinis, and sun-safe tops. They ensure there’s a style for every curvy woman, meeting all comfort levels.

Where can I find customer reviews for Nip Tuck Swim’s plus-size swimwear?

Visit their website to read customer reviews. You’ll see firsthand how much people enjoy their fit and quality. Reviews offer insights on satisfaction.

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