Maylisacc Foldable Straw Sun Visors for Women, Sun Protecetion Wide-Brimmed Sun Hats Adjustable Topless Beach Hat

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Hello, does your cheek wish to have some shade away from scorching sunburn?
Hey, does your hair want to take a cool breath and change a stylish style?
Hi, are there any straw hats foldble and handy for you to carry everyday without awkward crease?

Of course! Your lifesaver for summertime is right here.

SUN damage will cost too much to make up.
The Earlier and Better you start to protect your skin, the less you will pay for when getting older.
And a wide brim sun hat will help you make a difference.
The wide-brim design could effectively keep the UV away from your cheeks while the top of your head could breath freely due to the open-top design.
What’s more? The size of the beach hat is adjustable and the visor hats itself are foldable & packable.
You can’t miss this wide brim sun protection straw visor hats.

Take off the traditional stuffy cap with little visor.
Try this topless straw sun visor hats with wide brim, it will turn out to be one of your favorite sun hats in this summer.

Material: Paper Straw
Hat Circumference: 22-23.2 inch
Longest Width of Brim : 4.9 inch
Package Contents: 1 * Sun Visor Hat for Women
Material: Paper Straw, lightweight and breathable. Hand-woven crafts may get delicate sometimes. 👉60-Day Money Back Guarantee or Free & Easy Resend without return if you find any problems with our Maylisacc products ( Just Contact Us at Amazon) 👍
Must-have Foldable and Packable Sun Visor: You’d love to use this handy sun hat everyday to block the sun off your face and neck. Convenient to roll up and put away the sun-visor-hat then throw it into your daily hand bag, beach bag or suit case. Unroll it when you need a sunlight blocker to save you with no worry of crease of hat.
Wide-brimmed Hat: The brim is wide enough (4.9″) to offer you the maximum sun protection without hindering vision or conflict with the shoulders. Great for walking dogs, swimming pools lounging, car driving, gardening, beach vacations, cruise, sunny travels or other outdoor activities.
Hair-up Approved: Stop flattening your hair into a nasty sweaty cap. Try this Airy Topless straw hat with your bun ponytail up. No more muss of your hairdo.
Adjustable Size for Most Ladies’s Heads: Hook and loop fastener (Velcro Tape) for comfortable fit. Recommendatory Head Circumference – 22″-23.2″.

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