Becca by Rebecca Virtue Women’s Color Code Square Neck Bralette Bikini Top

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Square neck bralette bikini top with removable soft cups and adjustable loop tie back. Exclusive, luxury stretch fabrics and prints resist losing shape or vibrancy and provide opaque coverage. Native to California, Rebecca Virtue creates exquisite one of kind styles that show off and flatter the female form while providing the perfect fit. BECCA BY REBECCA VIRTUE SIZE CHART (Tops): XS: size 2/4, bust 32/33, underbust 26/27 S: size 4/6, bust 34/35, underbust 28/29 M: size 8/10, bust 36/37, underbust 30/31 L: size 10/12, bust 38/39, underbust 32/33 XL: size 14, bust 40/41, underbust 34/35 D: size 8/10, bust 36/38, underbust 28/30 DD: size 10/12, bust 38/40, underbust 30/32 DDD: size 12/14, bust 40/41, underbust 32/33 HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT FIT: Torso: measure diagonally from one shoulder over the fullest part of the bust, through the legs and up the back to the same shoulder point. Bust: measure around the fullest part of your bust. Waist: measure around narrowest part of your natural waistline. Hips: measure around the fullest part of your hips and rear with your feet together.
Square neck bralette bikini top with removable soft cups and adjustable loop tie back.
SIZING: XS: 2-4, bust 32-33″, underbust 26-27″ / S: 4-6, bust 34-35″, underbust 28-29″ / M: 8-10, bust 36-37″, underbust 30-31″ / L: 10-12, bust 38-39″, underbust 32-33″ / XL: 14, bust 40-41″, underbust 34-35″ / D: 8-10, bust 36-38″, underbust 28-30″ / DD: 10-12, bust 38-40″, underbust 30-32″ / DDD: 12-14, bust 40-41″, underbust 32-33″

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