Ladies Beachwear Fashion

Ladies Beachwear Fashion

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Ladies Beachwear FashionWhether you’ve made plans to hit the beach early for spring break or you’re waiting a few months until summer is in full swing, it’s time to think about what you’ll be wearing with lady’s beachwear fashion.

Beachwear for females entails comfort-ability, trend, and enticement and you need to be sure that your beach bag includes all of that and more others. Women who are beachgoers want to feel in their prime when it comes to beach fashion. The options are endless and this article offers something for every woman for fabulous beachwear.

If you’re planning an ocean-side getaway with your friends here is what you need in your travel bag.

The Bathing Suit

Partying by the beach means plenty of time spent in a bathing suit which is why this necessity tops the list. 50’s style one-piece bathing suits that cinch the waist are popular as are one piece that still allows you to show some skin with large gaps around your side or down your center and very comfortable.

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to those tummy baring bikinis there are still plenty of those filling the racks at your favorite shopping spots. Regardless of what style you choose to look for bold and fun patterns, particularly those boasting tribal designs, or stick with the simple solids and classic lines which scream sexy sophistication.

The Cover Up

A beach cover-up is the next must-have on your list while preparing for a beach trip and that’s for several reasons. They are a comfortable and sexy alternative to the “towel around the waste” and can take you from beach-side to poolside from day to night.

They also offer coverage for those who are less than thrilled to lounge around exposed in a bathing suit all day. This season offers so many great cover-ups that you’ll have a hard time getting out of your bathing suit and into your evening clothes. Not going out for the night? Just pair your cover up with some matching jewelry and you’ll be dressed to impress.

The Shoes

Whether you have hundreds of shoes or just a few terrific pairs, when it comes to the beach footwear you’ll need at least three different pairs of choose. Flip flops, flat sandals and a pair of terrific wedges or heeled sandals should take you through the vacation without worry.

These three will get you from the beach to the bar or somewhere else without having to pack your suitcase. If you plan on doing some early morning running or any physical activity and workouts off the beach you may also want to throw in a pair of sneakers to suit your activity.

The Accessories

Beach accessories can take your bathing suit from boring to bold in a matter of seconds depending on the mood. Before you hit the beach look for some terrific accessories including bracelets, a terrific wide-brimmed hat for sunbathing and don’t forget to protect those eyes with a great pair of sunglasses and also gives you a stunning look.

Keep in mind that you are at the beach so you may want to leave your designer tote and those expensive, valued necklaces, rings and earrings at home and opt for a beach-ready bag and some outstanding, trendy yet cheaper jewelry.


Don’t let the sun play havoc on your skin. Protection from the sun plays a crucial role in safely participating in any water sports at the beach. Skin care for active women will include waterproof sunscreen and after sun cares lotions. When your near water, take extra caution to protect yourself from getting the sunburned skin. This can completely ruin what could have been a great time for you at the beach.

Any time your near sun and water, apply sunscreen. Follow instructions as to when to re-apply your sunscreen, while you are in the water it will be more often. Special sunscreen for faces only should also be applied to protect the face only. Most women today are aware of the several damages that the sun can do to their skin and have found alternative ways to get the suntanned skin. Self-tanners have replaced tanning beds and baking in the hot sun for hours upon hours.

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