How Beach Culture Is Taking Over The United States

How Beach Culture Is Taking Over The United States

The United States is an expansive country covered by 50 states, with Alaska in the north and Hawaii extending the reach of the country into the Pacific Ocean. Major Atlantic Coast cities are New York City, a cultural and financial center, and central capital Washington, DC. Midwestern cities like Chicago are well known for their distinctive architecture and on the West Coast, Los Angeles is famous for its film production and fashion.

How Beach Culture Is Taking Over The United StatesThe phrase “beach culture” refers to a style of dress that is typical for the United States, particularly among young people of college-age. Beach balls, long-sleeved shirts, sun hats, surfboards, and other items of beach gear are worn by Americans today. The expression “beach day” evokes images of lazy days on the beach and is commonly used to describe idyllic summer vacations. Many Americans have been known to gather on Sundays for beach volleyball, a sport that has gained popularity in recent years.

Beach culture is not just about activities on the beach. A significant part of the beach culture is the cuisine served at local restaurants. Americans enjoy dining and many local restaurants offer menus just for beachgoers. These menus usually include items like surf and turf, sandcastle navel oranges, surf clams, clam chowder, tuna salad, kelp noodles, surf and turf nachos, and surf and turf lobster tails. Sometimes the chefs will even make lemon or lime green margaritas to be enjoyed on a day when the temperatures are very warm.

Americans love to shop and spend time shopping at any of the hundreds of beach towns around the country. This can range from large department stores that feature everything from board games to giant toy guns to tiny, independent shops that sell unique art, souvenirs, clothing, knick-knacks, and jewelry.

Many Americans take a day trip to a beach and spend the day tanning. Others prefer a few hours of swimming and relaxing in a pool, or maybe a day lounging by a pool all surrounded by the glorious colors of the beach.

It is safe to say that Americans have fallen in love with the beach culture. If you are planning a trip to the beach this summer, take note of all the fun things you can do while there. There’s no end to the great things you can do on a beach. So, if you have the chance to visit, make sure you check out all the fun things you can do while you’re there.

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