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Surfing enthusiasts, get ready for awesome water adventures! Finding the best women’s swimsuits for surfing is key. This guide shares the top picks for 2024. Whether you need surf bikinis, leggings, or a swim shirt, we’ve got you covered.

This article looks into UV protection swimwear, quick-dry suits, and ones that resist chlorine. Each suit is being reviewed for durability, comfort, and being eco-friendly. We aim to help you choose the best for your surfing trips.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the top women’s swimsuits for surfing, including bikinis, one-pieces, and unique designs.
  • Learn about the essential features to look for in surf-specific swimwear, such as quick-drying fabrics, UV protection, and secure fit.
  • Explore recommendations for different body types and personal preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and style.
  • Uncover the most durable, comfortable, and sustainable options for your surfing needs.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the world of women’s surfing swimwear.

Introduction to Women’s Swimsuits for Surfing

Surfing is an exciting water sport that requires the right swimwear. They need to be comfortable, supportive, and safe. The best swimsuits for surfing can handle the ocean’s challenges, like salt water and waves. They also need to keep you safe while you surf. This article shows why choosing the right swimsuit is crucial for a great surfing experience.

Importance of Proper Swimwear for Surfing

The right swimsuit is key for surfing’s dynamic nature. It affects how comfortable, confident, and well you perform in the ocean. Swimsuits should be durable, dry fast, and fit well. These things make surfing more fun and comfortable.

Key Features to Look for in Surf Swimwear

When picking a swimsuit for surfing, look for certain features:

  • Fabric and quick-drying capabilities: You need swimsuits made from fast-drying materials. They shouldn’t get heavy or soggy when you surf.
  • UV protection: Surf swimwear must protect your skin from the sun, with a good UPF rating. This is important for long days on the water.
  • Secure fit and coverage: Your swimsuit should fit well and stay in place. It should also cover your body as much as you like for comfort.
  • Durability: The swimsuit should be tough and well-made. It should last a long time, even with regular surfing.

Choosing a swimsuit with these features is important. It means your swimwear supports you while surfing. This lets you focus on the fun, catching waves, and enjoying the sport.

Best Overall: Jolyn Amelia Bikini Top & Nora Bikini Bottom

The Jolyn Amelia Bikini Top and Nora Bikini Bottom top our list for surfing swimsuits. They’re crafted from Jolyn’s Sea-flex fabric. This fabric does well in the water and is eco-friendly.

Durable and Recycled Sea-flex Fabric

The Amelia top is like a sports bra with straps you can adjust. The Nora bottoms are a bit high-waisted and have a stylish cutout on the back. This makes the suit both functional and fashionable. It’s mostly made from recycled nylon and elastane.

Adjustable Straps and Secure Fit

The Amelia top’s straps are adjustable for a better fit. Both top and bottom fit securely. They won’t slip off even in rough waves. This is why the suit is a favorite for those who tested it.

Runner-Up: Billabong A/Div Banded Triangle Top & A/Div High Leg Bottoms

Recycled Fabrics with UPF 50 Protection

The Billabong A/Div Banded Triangle Top and A/Div High Leg Bottoms are top choices for surf-ready suits. They’re made from recycled stuff, coming with UPF 50 to shield you from the sun. The top gives medium support. The bottoms are high-cut at the legs, with a cheeky back and low waist.

Supportive and Secure Fit

The Billabong A/Div suit is big on support and security, a great match to the Jolyn set. It has a wide top band, adding more support. You won’t worry about it shifting during your surf.

Most Comfortable: Roxy Wavy Babe Bralette Top & Hipster Bottoms

The Roxy Wavy Babe Bralette Top and Hipster Bottoms rank high in comfort for women’s surfing. They are created from soft, stretchy, and recycled nylon. This fabric ensures both flexibility and comfort. The bralette top is secure, and the bottoms offer full coverage.

Soft and Stretchy Recycled Nylon Fabric

The Roxy Wavy Babe swimsuit uses top-quality, recycled nylon. It is soft and stretchy, providing exceptional comfort and flexibility. This makes it perfect for surfing and water activities.

Removable Pads and Secure Fit

This swimsuit has removable pads for customized support. Testers found the suit both flattering and comfortable. It stays secure even during surfing. The few shifting issues during strong waves were the only drawback.

Most Flattering Cut: Pualani Hawaii Bra Top & Skimpy Scrunch Rio Bottoms

Four-way Stretch European Fabric

For those who love the water, Pualani’s swimsuits are a perfect fit. This set, the Bra Top and Skimpy Scrunch Rio Bottoms, is made with top-notch four-way stretch European fabric. It not only looks great but feels comfy too.

Designed for Active Water Women

The Bra Top is great for those who need extra support, especially women with a smaller bust. Its design lifts and shapes. On the other hand, the Skimpy Scrunch Rio Bottoms are cheeky and stylish.

Professional stand-up paddlers prefer Pualani’s swimsuits. They state that these suits are perfect for the active water lifestyle. Even though it’s unusual, the bra-style top works well for surfing. This is because of its secure fit and overall comfort.

Most Sustainable: Patagonia Seaglass Bay Top & Sunny Tide Bottoms

The Patagonia Seaglass Bay Top and Sunny Tide Bottoms lead in sustainability. They’re Fair Trade Certified, made from recycled polyester/nylon and spandex. The reversible top has a cross-back design. The bottoms feature Nanogrip for a secure fit.

Fair Trade Certified and Recycled Materials

Patagonia shows its green side with this swimsuit. It’s made from recycled materials. This reduces harm to our planet. Plus, it’s Fair Trade Certified, showing good labor conditions.

Nanogrip Technology for Secure Fit

The Nanogrip tech in the Sunny Tide bottoms keeps them in place. During surfing, this keeps you confident. This suit’s simple style and eco-friendly design won over our tester.

Best women’s swimsuits for surfing: One-Piece Picks

one-piece swimsuits

The Seea Lido One Piece is a top choice for surfers who like one-pieces. It’s a mix of recycled polyester and spandex, with C-skin fabric. This suit keeps you safe from the sun with its UPF 30+. Plus, it fits well and stays put, thanks to the high neck and retro style. The deep V-back adds style while making sure the suit doesn’t move when you surf.

Seea Lido One Piece: UPF 30+ and Secure Fit

Need a swimsuit that fits larger busts? The Rip Curl Premium Surf Crop Top and Bikini Bottom set is perfect. The top’s got adjustable wide straps and padding you can take out. It has powermesh support and hidden underwire for extra help. The bottoms are made to stay in place and look good, with a mid-rise waist and full coverage.

Rip Curl Premium Surf Crop Top & Bikini Bottom: For Bigger Busts

Unique and Stylish Surf Swimwear

This article dives into surf swimwear that’s not only functional but also stylish. It shows off unique options for surfers wanting to stand out on the beach.

O’Neill Faye Cap Sleeve Active: Distinct Cutouts

The O’Neill Faye Cap Sleeve Active suit is a standout in surf fashion. It’s carefully crafted from recycled materials, offering both style and sustainability. This suit stands out with cap sleeves and a back zipper for quick changes.

The fashionable cutout in the front enhances its look. Despite its stylish features, it’s missing pads. This lightweight and quick-drying suit is perfect for any beach day.

Kavala Collection Flower Power Tava Top & Samet Bottom: Retro Prints

The Flower Power Tava Top and Samet Bottom from Kavala Collection bring a breath of fresh air with retro prints. They feel soft to the touch and are designed to last.

The high-waisted bottoms are flattering and comfortable. The top’s triangle cut is perfect for avoiding tan lines. However, it also lacks pad slots which might not suit everyone.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Surf Swimwear

When picking out surf swimwear for women, your body shape and how you want it to fit are key. It’s best to pick a suit that hugs your body well. This helps keep everything in place when you’re out surfing. The right fit boosts confidence and comfort in the water.

Body Type and Fit

For skilled female surfers, tiny bikinis are fine for big waves, but not ideal for competition. If you have a curvier figure, consider bikinis with more coverage for a secure fit. Go for bikini tops that offer good support, like those styled as sports bras. These can come with simple straps or thicker ones for better support, especially if you have a larger bust.

Fabric and Quick-Drying Capabilities

The kind of material your swimsuit is made of matters a lot. It should dry fast and keep its shape, even when wet. The best fabrics for this are spandex and nylon. These materials are tough and keep you comfy. When choosing a color, remember, light bikinis might show more when wet. So, pick darker colors to avoid this issue.

UV Protection and Durability

Another thing to consider is how well the swimsuit protects against UV rays. Look for UPF in your swimwear to guard your skin. Also, make sure the suit is well-made with strong seams and quality materials. This way, it’ll last through many trips to the beach. Rash guards are great for extra protection from both rashes and the sun, especially in warm places.


This guide highlighted the best women’s swimsuits for surfing in various categories. It discussed what to consider in surf swimwear like fit, fabric, and UV protection. The aim is to help you choose the perfect swimsuit for surfing confidently.

For surf bikinis, selecting the right material and fit is key. Simply Beach provides top brands for surfwear. They have choices from Jolyn, Billabong, Roxy, Pualani, and Patagonia.

On the other hand, women’s wetsuits for surfing average $239.95 to $359.95 in price. Mid-range brands include O’Neill, Buell, Billabong, and more. They offer various styles for different water conditions. No matter the choice, picking the right fit and features is crucial for comfort.


What are the key features to look for in women’s swimsuits for surfing?

Select women’s swimsuits for surfing based on important features. These are fabric, quick-drying abilities, UV protection, secure fit, and coverage. Also, check for durability to handle the ocean environment’s demands.

What is the top overall pick for women’s surfing swimsuits?

The Jolyn Amelia Bikini Top and Nora Bikini Bottoms are the best. They offer durable Sea-flex fabric and a secure fit. They also use adjustable straps, making them ideal for surfing.

What are the runner-up picks for women’s surfing swimsuits?

The Billabong A/Div Banded Triangle Top and A/Div High Leg Bottoms are a good choice. They use recycled fabrics and provide UPF 50 sun protection. Their supportive and secure fit is excellent.

Which swimsuit is the most comfortable option for women’s surfing?

The Roxy Wavy Babe Bralette Top and Hipster Bottoms are super comfortable. They are made from soft, stretchy, and recycled nylon fabric. This provides the comfort and flexibility needed for surfing.

What is the most flattering women’s surfing swimsuit in the roundup?

The Pualani Hawaii Bra Top and Skimpy Scrunch Rio Bottoms stand out as flattering. They use a top-quality, four-way stretch European fabric. This fabric is comfortable and makes your figure look good.

Which swimsuit is the most sustainable option for women’s surfing?

The Patagonia Seaglass Bay Top and Sunny Tide Bottoms are the most sustainable. They are Fair Trade Certified and made from a blend of recycled materials. This includes polyester, nylon, and spandex.

What are some unique and stylish surf swimwear options?

The O’Neill Faye Cap Sleeve Active suit and the Kavala Collection Flower Power Tava Top and Samet Bottom stand out. These designs feature cap sleeves, cutouts, and retro prints. They offer a unique and stylish look for surf swimwear.

What factors should be considered when choosing women’s swimsuits for surfing?

Consider your body type and the fit you want. Look for swimsuits with great fabric and fast-drying features. Also, consider UV protection and how durable the suit is. These features are vital for surfing.

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